Driving School Owner's Message

David Yon | Bsc.B.M | Certified Class 5, 7, GLP/GLT Driving Instructor

Hello everyone,

My name is David Yon, owner of 21st Century Driving School Inc. It is my pleasure to say a few word here, I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

I have been teaching driver training lessons since 1998, during the course of my experience I've developed various teaching tools including both hands on and theoretical skills. These methods are tailored for those whose driving skills are below par.

As no one person learns with the same aptitude or pace, my lessons are flexible to meet every person's needs. There has become a demand for those who need specialized and tailored training, especially those whose driving skills have been compromised after being involved in an accident or have some psychological fears in order to gain a peace of mind in driving.

However, it takes more than myself to  guide you towards sucessfully learning to drive, if you come in with a positive outlook and accepting nature I am confident we will suceed together. If you are still not convinced allow me to take you on an evaluation of your current driving skills and see for yourself. My goal is not to just teach you how to pass your road test, but to teach you defensive driving skills you will keep for the rest of your life. Do your training right first time and pass your road test first time.

Book a few lesson to learn about technique such as Time and Speed Management (TSM) with other road users in the complexity of various manoeuvres, lane change and etc. There are also other techniques in which would make a new driver a thinking and a proactive driver behind the wheel.

Thank you again.
David Yon
Designations: 5/7, Theory & Practical
Other: GLP