21st Century Driving School Inc. - Driver Training & Driving School Policy

Revised as of Sept, 2011.

Individual lesson is normally based on one to one in-car training; this lesson is usually for those who need an assessment of their driving skills to determine number of training hours required or brushing up of individual driving skills. However, group in-car training is possible on a minimum duration of 2 hours plus 25% hourly charges.

Lesson Details

Training lesson is usually 60 minute, 90 minute and 120 minute. During the lesson, student will receive in-car training as well as theoretical instruction in which the car may or may not in motion. In our experience, it's more than 85% of lesson is conducted in-car where car is in motion.

Please allow plus or minus 15 minute for instructor to show up at appointed scheduled time. The reason for grace time is that the instructor may get stuck at traffics, please call instructor after expiration of grace time. Any time loss incurred due to instructor's lateness, no other claim whatsoever, would be compensated accordingly at this lesson or future lesson; however, any time loss would NOT be compensated due to student's lateness.

Issue Resolution

Speak with your instructor first about any issue you may have in driver training, he or she is experienced and would be able to fix the problems.

Driver Training Fees and Packages

Our rate for 1 hour defensive driving lesson with 21st Century driving instructor is $75.00 per person. For a 90 minutes lesson, our fee is $112.50 per person.

Use of car for road test:

A flat rate of $140.00 (subject to change without prior notice) applies. It includes 45 min refresher prior to test time; 15 min road test set-up, and 45 min road test conducted by Driver Services in Langley. Additional fees are applicable for other locations. Driver Services examiner usually takes student out for road test on time; however, we are not responsible for the delay if an examiner is late in taking out student for road test. In this event, we reserved the rights to charge additional time incurred and also refuse services at our discretion without any reason.

Payment Method

Prefer to accept major credit cards such as Visa and Master cards. There will be a $30.00 charges for a NSF returned check.

Withdrawal and Refund

No charge if notice was given 24 hours in advance of cancellation otherwise a $20.00 administration fee is applicable. A full lesson is charged for student's non show up.

We thank you for your business and have the pleasure of having you as one of our driver training students. We also realize that we cannot make every student happy; please accept our apology if we have unintentionally caused you any unhappiness.

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You can contact us via , by email to or come to 10390 - 256 Street, Maple Ridge, BC, V2W 1K5, appointment is required.

Thank you for your business!