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Patient and Knowledgeable

Date: April 5, 2018Written by: XavierFrom: Langley, Canada

Instructor David is patient and incredibly knowledgeable. With his extensive experience and guidance I quickly saw a tremendous improvement in my driving ability. I felt comfortable and confident during my road test because of what I was taught and was able to pass on my first try.

I will definitely be recommending 21st Century Driving School to my friends , thank you so much!

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21st Century Driving School is the best!

Date: March 9, 2018Written by: YvonneFrom: , British Columbia, Canada

David is an amazing instructor! I had two other teachers before him and David is by far the best! He has a good understanding of what I struggle with and knows how to fix it. David has a very flexible schedule and was willing to teach me whenever I was available.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who is going to take their test soon!

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Very patient and wonderful driving instructor

Date: February 11, 2018Written by: BonnyFrom: , British Columbia, Canada

David is a wonderful teacher, so understanding and helpful. I remember when I used to struggle with front parking and shoulder checking. He really drilled the shoulder checking and made sure I did 360 checks with the "I'm a Canadian, I know how to walk" phrase.

I also remember being tricked and parked in front of the yellow curbs or fire hydrants. He always got me there. I had a lot of fun learning with him and would recommend him to anyone who wants to pass on the first try, like I did.

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I failed several times before with other instructors ... but with David, I passed at first try!

Date: January 25, 2018Written by: NyagoaFrom: , British Columbia, Canada

I took my driving tests several times, and each time there was an issue I made that failed the test. One of my friends who had some lessons with David, and he helped her passed her test after that referred me to him.

Long story cut short, he has all the teaching tools for anyone who comes to him. For example, he told me this to remind me of safety check when backing up: “I’m a Canadian, I know how to walk”. He lets me drive and correct my mistake as I drive with him without any pressure. And today I passed my test!

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Everyone passed their driving test with first attempts

Date: December 10, 2017Written by: SeranaFrom: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

David, I’ve already told 3 people about you. You are a good luck. Everyone passed their driving test with first attempts. We drove for only about 20 minutes or so and the examiner didn’t even make me do a parallel parking. We didn’t drive through the 30 km zones either. He said at the end that he could tell I had everything down and didn’t need to see any further. It was awesome. So, thanks for teaching me everything and yes I’ve PASSED!

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I did it!

Date: September 11, 2017Written by: MerediteFrom: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

I did it! Thank you so much!

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It took me 3-4 sessions with him and I passed the road test successfully

Date: July 9, 2017Written by: ViktoriaFrom: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

I found David on Craigslist and his ad appealed to me immediately with its directness and transparency. He replied almost immediately to my message and we set up an appointment at a convenient time. My road test was booked in Langley - and after David's instructions and teaching, the actual road test was a piece of cake for me.

He showed me all the complicated parts of the road, gave me a lot of useful tips - and at all times never lost his temper and remained polite and friendly. He also accompanied me to the ICBC office and was helpful and supportive throughout the whole process.

It took me 3-4 sessions with him and I passed the road test successfully. I would highly recommend David due to his professionalism, expertise, and helpfulness.

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Thank you for teaching me to drive safely and defensively

Date: July 11, 2016Written by: Hannah BirkinFrom: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

I have just passed my Class 5 drivers license - thanks to 21st Century Driving Instructors! I passed both the N and Class 5 on the first try. My mother refused to drive with me as she said I would not listen to advice - once I began taking lessons with 21st Century I realized how much I needed that expert advice. My instructor was patient and experienced and knew exactly when I was proficient enough and confident enough to take the test.

I have recommended 21st Century to many of my friends and they all had the same excellent results. A pass on the first attempt. I had friends who couldn't pass their tests, they became more and more nervous and discouraged - I recommended that they take a few lessons with 21st Century and they all admitted that it was a great help and they were then successful on the next attempt.

Thank you David for teaching me to drive safely and defensively.

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If it wasn't for David, I wouldn't have passed my test!

Date: September 28, 2015Written by: Roxy RFrom: langley, British Columbia, Canada

I passed my road test first try, thanks to David's amazing teaching! He always reminded me about unknown situations and taught me how to handle them with ease. I highly recommend 21st Century Driving to anyone who needs lessons. If it wasn't for David, I wouldn't have passed my test!

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I am so glad I called David at 21st Century Driving School!

Date: June 24, 2015Written by: Joyanna MartinFrom: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

21st Century Driving School has changed the way I feel about driving. As a teenager I was involved in a few accidents which left me VERY apprehensive about driving. I got my "N" but never took the test for my class 5 and instead drove for 12 years with my "N". Once I had kids, however, I decided it would be the responsible thing to do to get my full license. What first made me decide to call David was that he said the following on his website:

"There has become a demand for those who need specialized and tailored training, especially those whose driving skills have been compromised after being involved in an accident or have some psychological fears in order to gain a peace of mind in driving."

I am so glad I called David. Not only was he very patient and knowledgeable, but he instilled in me the confidence to drive again and pass my class 5 test with "flying colours". This is a huge blessing in my life and I couldn't have done it without David. I would highly recommend him to ANYONE -- whether it is someone learning to drive for the first time or someone like myself who needs to learn a different mindset about driving and that fears can be overcome.

Thank you David!

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