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Thank you for teaching me to drive safely and defensively

Date: July 11, 2016Written by: Hannah BirkinFrom: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

I have just passed my Class 5 drivers license - thanks to 21st Century Driving Instructors! I passed both the N and Class 5 on the first try. My mother refused to drive with me as she said I would not listen to advice - once I began taking lessons with 21st Century I realized how much I needed that expert advice. My instructor was patient and experienced and knew exactly when I was proficient enough and confident enough to take the test.

I have recommended 21st Century to many of my friends and they all had the same excellent results. A pass on the first attempt. I had friends who couldn't pass their tests, they became more and more nervous and discouraged - I recommended that they take a few lessons with 21st Century and they all admitted that it was a great help and they were then successful on the next attempt.

Thank you David for teaching me to drive safely and defensively.